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Character Creation Restrictions and Notes:

The game will start in the Ordic town of Five Fingers, with the characters just entering the employ of a trade caravan on its way to Fort Bronson in Cygnar, being hired on as guards. This can be for whatever reasons you feel would fit best with your character (money, questing, etc), but that is how you will be starting.

Ideally, all the characters will be mercenary to some degree. This is not a requirement, merely a hope on the part of the DM to make the game run a little smoother.

Character Races Allowed:

- Human (See “Human Notes”, below)
- Dwarf
- Gobber
- Trollkin (See “Level Adjustment”, below)
- Ogrun (See “Level Adjustment”, below)

Character Classes Allowed

- Fighter
- Rogue
- Sorcerer (See “Sorcerer/Wizard” notes, below)
- Wizard (See “Sorcerer/Wizard” notes, below)
- Ranger (This class differs from the one one in the regular PHB. See the Iron Kingdoms Character Guide)
- Paladin
- Cleric (This class differs from the one one in the regular PHB. See the Iron Kingdoms Character Guide)
- Fell Caller
- Gun Mage
- Bodger
- Arcane Mechanik
- The Barbarian and Druid classes are not allowed at character creation.

Other Notes

You should really check out the House Rules Section. Just to learn about some of the cool stuff…

Languages: Characters must speak Cygnaran. It is the trade language of the realm and easily fit into any background, but it’s necessary that your characters speak this language in addition to any others you choose.

Sorcerer/Wizard Notes: Arcane magic is looked down upon in the Iron Kingdoms, and is more often thought of as witchcraft. Wizards are more accepted, as they often join organizations such as the Fraternal Order of Wizardry, but sorcerers are especially feared and shunned. Be aware if making a magical character that there is an in-game prejudice against them, to varying degrees.

Human Notes: Humans are without question the most numerous and prosperous race in the Iron Kingdoms. The Iron Kingdoms themselves even refer to the great Kingdoms and Empires created by humankind. That being said, there are many different ethnicities from many different regions, and identifying with one region or another can not only give your character some more identity and a place in the world, but also can grant some bonuses or penalties. Ethnicities that are bolded are the ones closest to the region the game will be starting in, and thusly will be the ones most easily worked into a character background (not needing to explain why your character is so far from home, etc). The ethnicities allowed for humans are:
- Ryn
- Midlunder
- Morridane
- Umbrean
- Thurian
- Tordoran
- Scharde

Level Adjustment: Because the trollkin and ogrun races have a starting level adjustment of +1 (meaning that a level 1 ogrun or trollkin character is the same level of power as a level 2 character of another race), ogrun and trollkin characters will receive 50% less xp until they are level 2. This will allow the other races to catch up and equalize the levels within a couple game sessions. This also means that over the long term, trollkin and ogrun characters will be 1 level behind other characters, but will still be about as powerful.

Religions: Be familiar with the religions of the realm. There are not as many religions as in traditional D&D, but they are very important parts of the lives of many people in the Iron Kingdoms.

Currency: Each nation mints its own money, and I won’t be requiring that the characters keep track of every copper coin they come across, but knowing some general coinage terms would be useful.

Please ask me if you have any questions, want any advice, or are confused with the setting at all! Some things are pretty different.

[[Mob’s BIg book of Baddies: THis is a archive of all the enemies we encounter on our journey told from the unique perspective of the Mob.]]

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